Copper distilled wheat spirit

The first step in the preparation of Boxer Gin is the careful distillation of a soft, pure wheat spirit. We use the highest quality grain from the east of England. This grain is fermented and distilled using a combination of a modern tower still and our veteran copper pot still. The result is a gentle, soft spirit with a natural grain sweetness and subtle flavours of grass and hay.



Classic London dry process

The next step is to distill a classic London Dry Gin. We steep our carefully sourced botanicals in our copper distilled wheat spirit, to allow the flavours to be released into it. After an eight hour maceration we transfer the mix into “Angela” – our 108 year old copper pot still – which is gently heated until the spirit is turned into vapour and then condensed back into a liquid. This process fixes the botanical flavours into Boxer gin.



The boxer difference

In order to deliver an added vibrancy to Boxer Gin we have created a new process in the production of our gin. Uniquely, we separately steam distill fresh, wild juniper berries to extract their essential oil. This gentle 20 hour process is carried out at source in the Himalaya, capturing each and every delicate nuance of flavour with absolute clarity. Similarly, we also extract a zingy raw citrus essential oil by cold pressing fresh bergamot peel.


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