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Boxer Gin: A Gin For Champions

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Are you looking for the gin to toast your victories? Boxer Gin is a spirit of unprecedented vibrancy. Made from an extra-dry blend of top-quality botanicals, our gin is distilled using a classic Victorian recipe in a 108-year-old copper pot still. Boxer is deeper, richer and smoother: a true gin for champions.

Our story

We named our gin in honour of bare-knuckle boxer Tom King, the first Heavyweight Champion of the World. Also known as 'The Fighting Sailor', he was strong, fast and hard as nails. And famously, he knocked back a tot of gin before every bout - for 'good luck', or so he said. You can find more about Tom here...

Boxer Gin was created for such moments. It's for the tenacious risk-takers, the flyers in the face of fear, the ones who are beaten down - and get back up. In other words, it’s a gin worthy of champions.

Our gin combines heritage and heart, with an ultra-classic taste profile of piney juniper, zesty citrus, dry coriander seed and warming spices. But we've brought these Victorian methods up to date, with an exhaustive global search for the very finest botanicals the world can provide. Our advanced distilling methods faithfully capture their every nuance.

Simply put, it's one of the best London dry gins out there. And we have a couple of awards to show for it.

Our award-winning gin recipe

To make a truly legendary drink, you have to ensure the use of the best ingredients - from the very beginning.

An ultra-dry botanical super duo - Himalayan juniper and Calabrian bergamot

Boxer packs a punch of extra-dry top notes, which come from the world's finest juniper berries. To truly capture the essence of their flavour, we decided to forgo using dried berries like other gin producers do. Instead, we steam-distil our fresh juniper berries right on the slopes of Mount Everest, where they're picked at peak ripeness.

We set the dry, piney juniper notes against fresh juicy citrus, in the form of bergamot: the aromatic citrus fruit that flavours Earl Grey tea. These fruits are hand-picked in Calabria, Italy, and then delicately pressed to extract the essential oil. It's a winning combination.

The supporting dried botanicals

To support the Himalayan juniper and bergamot, we use dried botanicals to balance out the overall flavour of Boxer Gin. We split them into three categories: botanicals which support the fresh juniper and citrus top notes, those which provide spicy base notes, and those which create a sophisticated dry finish.

Juniper and citrus top notes

  • European juniper: provides a floral pine flavour with cedar undertones

  • Sweet lemon peel: delivers a fresh citrus zest that hits both on the nose and in the aftertaste

  • Sweet Seville orange: tastes like a classic marmalade, but without the bitterness

  • Angelica root: provides earthy and herbal notes, and helps lock flavours into the gin

Spicy base notes

  • Orris root: adds a delicate floral aroma and also helps bind all the flavours together

  • Liquorice root: sweet earthy notes that balance out the juniper

  • Cinnamon bark: provides a warming spice flavour

  • Cassia bark: adds a rich and exotic sweetness with a pungent, woody flavour

Dry finish

  • Nutmeg: provides a warm and spicy touch to balance the citrus notes

  • Coriander seed: provides an aromatic, slightly citrus flavour that balances with the spice-based notes of the gin

The end result is an exceptional London Dry-style gin that's complex, yet has perfect balance. Boxer's defining traits are most evident on the nose and finish, which are notably richer, deeper and longer than most. The principal aromatics remain unmistakably vibrant even when diluted - a testament to our commitment to quality.

Our process

Our signature technology combines both tradition and innovation. We believe that in order to progress creatively, you shouldn’t neglect trusty methods that have given proven results for centuries. That's why we choose to use both a modern tower still and antique copper pot stills in our gin-making process.

To ensure that pure wheat spirit transforms into the perfect gin, we start by sourcing the finest quality grain from England to carefully ferment and distil. Once a clear spirit is obtained, we add our selected botanicals to steep for 8 hours in order to enrich the vibrant flavour compounds.

The mixture is then transferred to our antique copper pot still, which goes by the name of Angela. This 108 year old still gently heats up the mixture, transforming alcohol into vapour and then condensing it back into liquid. This fixes all the botanical flavours into our gin.

The final and most crucial step of the process is where all the magic happens. We gently marry the juniper distillate and the bergamot essential oil with our London Dry gin, and carefully add the purest still water to the drink. The result is an incredibly fresh, sophisticated and luxurious spirit that would make Tom King proud.

Finally, the gin is poured into our striking deep blue bottles, and carefully packaged into cases of six, single or double gift boxes.

Our perfect Boxer Negroni

Even though a classic Boxer G&T is a perfectly refreshing mixed drink, some situations may call for a more sophisticated cocktail. We proudly present to you our take on a Florentine staple aperitif: the Boxer Negroni. With equal parts gin, red vermouth and bitter amaro, it’s a strong, yet elegant drink. It's the perfect way to enjoy an expertly balanced bittersweet cocktail at home.

To serve our Negroni, simply pour two 50 ml shots of Boxer Negroni into a tumbler full of ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of orange or a twist of orange peel - the fresh citrus oils will harmoniously complete your cocktail with a complex, yet refreshing taste.

Prefer something a little lighter than a Negroni cocktail? Just mix this Italian aperitivo with some sparkling Prosecco and a dash of lemon juice, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful sunset-coloured Negroni Spritz to kick off the evening.

Boxer lends itself well to all sorts of gin cocktail recipes, where its softness and luxurious texture are never unwelcome. It's one of the best gins to use in gin martinis, a Tom Collins, or even to sip neat.

It's your turn to try the classic London Dry gin for champions

Still not sure where to start? Then go for our best London Dry gin starter pack, containing a striking bottle of our Boxer Gin and 70 cl of Boxer Negroni. It’s the ultimate way to discover the drink of champions - and the perfect gin gift set to give to an old friend.

Just as no one becomes the Heavyweight Champion of the World in a day, our craft gins take time to perfect. But if you’re ready to raise a glass and make a toast to the champ you are today, why wait? Buy Boxer Gin online here.

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Harry Cooke
Harry Cooke

love boxer gin! makes the perfect g&t

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